For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



13th December 2014

Last week we released Whitley the common seal that came from Northumberland at the end of July. He didn’t waste any time going. As soon as the crate was opened he was off for a big adventure at sea.

P1060299 - Copy

Recent new arrivals include several magpies. Strange how we get an influx of a species for no apparent reason. This one was beaten up today, by other magpies. He is looking a lot better now.

P1060366 - Copy

Squeaky the otter is eating well now. We got a fish box of sprats delivered, thatĀ allĀ had to be put into otter sized helpings and frozen. It wasn’t a nice job for a frosty day!. Squeaky is pleased with her new sleeping box, and is becoming more independent.

DSC_9453 - Copy

We survived the ‘weather bomb’ with no damage, and it didn’t bring in many patients. Don’t you wonder how wildlife survives days like that?


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