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7th march 2015

Well guess what, baby birds already!

First to arrive a few days ago was a tawny owl chick. It was found on the ground near Cumbernauld, shivering in the snow. Luckily someone realized it would be unlikely to survive, and took it to the local vet, who happens to specialize in wildlife. We take many of our bird patients there.

DSC_9696 - Copy

Yesterday we got a call about two blackbird chicks. These youngsters had jumped/fallen from their nest, and although parents were around, they were ignoring the chicks on the ground, and only feeding chicks still in the nest. Already they have learnt to beg when they see me and take food willingly from a paint brush.

P1060705 - Copy

Another Northumberland seal pup was delivered yesterday. Apparently it was on a beach, and when workman arrived in a tractor to clean the beach, they scooped the pup up in the tractor bucket, and deposited it in the sea. Fortunately it came back out and was rescued. The pup, quite big at 25kg, has a  badly infected hind flipper, which was lanced and drained today. There is also a fracture, but nothing can be done about this till the swelling is down and the infection cleared. Certainly not out of danger yet.

Two new deer admitted in the last 3 days. The first one was trapped in a metal gate, and as you can see has lost a lot of hair and is badly bruised. However, she is very lively and eating well, but would get rather cold if released in this weather. This evening another deer was brought from Galston. She is badly concussed after being hit by a car, but nothing broken.

P1060712 - Copy


During the calmer weather earlier this week 3 swans, a coot, a sparrowhawk and a starling were released. Hope they have all found somewhere sheltered this evening!


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