For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



11th April 2015

There has hardly been time to catch breath this week, so spring must be on its way. Even the weather thought so, till today!!

5 cygnets were released at Irvine Harbour, and only 1 new cygnet admitted. It had been injured in a territorial dispute, and still has a bit of trouble walking. It is also being treated for a heavy parasite infestation.

20150408_163650 - Copy

2 call ducks were brought in this week, one from Darvel, one from Stevenston. Presumably they are lost, but no-one has claimed them yet.

2 young pigeoms were rescued from Cathcart railway bridge before repair work started. Good to know that people care. 2 more young pigeons were brought to Hessilhead from Edinburgh, and today we were surprised to open a box and find two nestling stock doves. They were found between bales of hay on a truck that had just been driven from England to Glasgow.

DSC_9829 - Copy

A grey partridge was not so lucky. It was found in the radiator grill of a car that had travleled from St Andrews to Glasgow. Sadly it was badly injured.

A mole was an unusual patient, and was released the day after being found struggling on a road

P1060969 - Copy

2 blackbird chicks were brought from Alexandria after the nest had been disturbed by a cat. They were very cold on arrival and only 1 survived. It is feeding well.DSC_9822 - Copy

4 hedgehogs were sent over from the Uists and a sickly one rescued in Kilmarnock today. Some of our over-wintered hedgehogs have been moved outdoors to get ready for release. Please get in touch if you know of a suitable release site.

2 more fox cubs were rescued, and now McDonald,  the first cub, has a little friend who was found in Nitshill last night. Calum came from Clydebank, and is living with Dora from Condorrat.DSC_9818 - Copy DSC_9826 - CopyAnnan the otter cub is still being a bit difficult about feeding herself, though she eats plenty if I offer it to her by hand. No dount she will learn to help herself before long. The good news is that her broken leg is healing.

A magpie was found at Eastwood High School on Thursday, adn was unconscious when it arrived at Hessilhead. This afternoon it was released where found. Hopefully its mate was pleased to see it back.

The 6 seals are gaining weight, and some of them will be ready for release soon. At present we are spending £800 a week on fish for the seals and otters.P1060973 - Copy

Earlier today someone collected our fox trap to catch an injured fox. It didn’t take long for the fox to enter the trap, and it has just been delivered. Its 10.30 now, and I’m hungry. so hopefully that was the last patient of the day!



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