For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



February 27th 2016

Time goes so quickly at Hessilhead!

A week of sunny weather allowed us to release 4 buzzards, a magpie and 4 hedgehogs. Another buzzard was brought into care, and a hedgehog.

Two seals were rescued in the past week. One common seal pup was spotted resting on a partly sunken boat off Gourock during the previous week. When we saw the photos it was obvious that this pup was underweight and poorly. Karen, our Greenock volunteer, organized a rescue. She spent two days making plans, and on Sunday waited patiently till the pup hauled out on a slip, the boat by that time emptied of water, so afloat again, out of reach of the pup. At last she netted the seal, and brought it straight to Hessilhead for treatment. The second seal, also an underweight common seal, was rescued today from Kip Marina. P1090389 - Copy

On Wednesday we had a call from a lady in Helensburgh, telling us that she had an owl roosting on a curtain pole in her sitting room. Although the doors had been left open, the owl had refused to leave. By the time we arrived the owl had taken refuge under a tv table. We soon had him boxed, brought him back to Hessilhead for rehydration therapy, and he was released the following evening. No doubt he’d been looking for a nest site.20160224_094930

A puffin is an unusual bird for us to have in care. It was found on Troon beach last Saturday, wet and exhausted. The comical little bird is eating well now and getting stronger. He isn’t at all waterproof though, so will need quite a lot of treatment before release.

P1090403 - Copy

A great crested grebe is also in care. This bird is fit, but is also taking a while to get waterproof. After a play in a deep tray of water, it preens its feathers meticulously, so hopefully will be buoyant again soon.

We have a roe deer in care, that ran into a fence while being chased by a dog. It is partially paralysed, but showing slight improvement. Fingers crossed.



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