For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



March 12 2016

It has been an exciting week at Hessilhead. On Monday 3 fox cubs were brought into care. They were days old, and had been found on a building site. One of the cubs was injured and deteriorated quickly. the other two are feeding well and thriving. P1090515 - Copy

On Tuesday a sparrowhawk was brought to us from N Ireland. It has hit a window a few days previously and was rather thin and hungry. Self feeding now and doing well.

At nearly midnight on Wednesday a badger was brought to the hospital. it was fund on the road near Stewarton, and the people who spotted it thought it was dead. Fortunately they went back to check, and saw that the casualty was breathing. This badger is still unconscious. She has been on a drip, but this evening we encouraged her to lap from a bowl and she had a big drink of lifeaid. We will try her with some liquid food next, and fingers crossed that she comes round and makes a full recovery.

A buzzard with an old eye injury is extremely thin and being tube fed three times a day. making slow progress.

There have been a few swan admissions, rooks, magpies and pigeons. Also a mallard that had a plastic ring firmly stuck around its lower mandible. the plastic has dug into the duck’s flesh, and she is very thin. also being tube fed.

There was a lot of excitement yesterday when our new digital x-ray machine was installed. This will make it easier to get a quick diagnosis for many patients, especially with our new vet Teresa working 3 days a week.


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