For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



25th April 2016

A long overdue update, with many babies being reared in the hospital now.


The oldest fox cubs, Tip and Tag, have been living outdoors for quite a while now. yesterday two more cubs made the move, Lotto and the little vixen that came in with a nasty infected wound on her chest. She has fully recovered and was delighted have the company of another cub. Bingo is still in the hospital. she was bottle reared, and is rather small, but has a fiesty temper. Hopefully before long we will be able to get her in with other cubs.DSC_1764 - Copy

A badger cub has been in care for ten days now. the young cub, maybe 7 weeks old, was seen to be outside a sett, alone for two days. By the time she was rescued she was dehydrated and covered in lice. She was very subdued for two or three days, but gradually got stronger and over the past couple of days she has learnt to feed herself. She really did think that food came from a syringe!

DSC_1787 - Copyhe oldest blackbirds are nearly fully grown. Others keep arriving, all young birds that definitely need to be rescued. Many of them are cat victims, that need antibiotics, and others are found away from nests.

DSC_1804 - Copy

There are three robin chicks too,

DSC_1857 - Copy

and two clutches of ducklings, one of 7 and one of 11. We also have mallard eggs in the incubator. They were laid on the 5th floor balcony of a Glasgow city centre flat , and so the ducklings had little chance of survival.DSC_1848 - Copy


A young heron is a comical looking patient, with his short stubby legs and punky hairdo. He is easy to feed though. He snatched sprats from a hand soon as he saw them, and now gobbles them up from a dish.

DSC_1845 - Copy

Our vet Teresa was faced with a tricky problem when a mallard with a broken beak was rescued from Kay Park in Kilmarnock. Teresa managed to wire the mandibles, and although being tube fed, the duck seems much happier. Fingers crossed for a good recovery.

DSC_1855 - Copy

Once again the pair of swans from Ferguslie Park Gardens in Paisley were rescued and brought into care. Both were tangled in fishing line, and the female had swallowed a hook. Luckily Teresa was on hand, operated to remove the hook, and after a course of antibiotics the swans were returned to their pond.DSC_1811 - Copy


Hedgehogs continue to come in with a variety of problems, including broken legs, ticks, lung infections and others that have just struggled through winter and need a bit of TLC.

Teresa also pinned the wing of a short-eared owl that was found on the runway of Glasgow Airport. The pins have been removed now, and the owl has begun rehabilitation in an indoor flight.

Tomorrow we will take another otter to a release site. This is the 4th otter to be released in 5 weeks. Below are pics of Ray and Squeaky exploring the coastline after they were released from the carrying box.

DSC_1707 - Copy P1090677 - Copy


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