For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



May 8th 2016

The latest fox cub came last Sunday. He was rescued after trying to make friends with a dog, fortunately a gentle, friendly dog. The cub is really tiny, no doubt the runt of the litter. eating well now and feeling better.

P1090978 - Copy


All our other fox cubs are outside. Even Bingo, who was very friendly when in the hospital, is running away from people. Just what we want. Below is Tip, one of the first cubs to come when only a few days old. he is looking quite grown up now.

DSC_1863 - Copy

Our cuddly little badger cub has moved to a shed too, and suddenly become independent. She dives head first into a big pile of straw whenever I open the shed door.DSC_1866 - Copy

Last weekendan otter cub was brought to Hessilhead from Yorkshire. Pip has been introduced to Huxley, the cub we already had in care, and whi is a bit older. The cubs have swapped sleeping boxes, but haven’t decided to share yet. Hopefully they will soon be good friends.

DSC_1867 - Copy

Another otter, Annan, was released recently.P1090889 - Copy P1090903 - Copy

The hospital is looking like duckling city. 11 out of the 14 eggs in the incubator hatched, and another 11 ducklings were rescued from the RAH in Paisley. We are incubating 8 more eggs, and have a gosling too.DSC_1872 - Copy

The first young tawny owl of the year was found a few days ago, sitting in the middle of a road. it is a nestling, that had no chance of surviving on its own. He soon learnt to take meat offered by hand, and will soon be self feeding.DSC_1880 - Copy

Young blackbirds easily outnumber other young birds in the hospital, but we also have 4 robins, a dunnock, several house sparrows and the tiniest collared dove we had ever seen. It was very tricky to tube feeed for the first few days, but now it has grown a bit and is used to the process.DSC_1886 - Copy

We have 4 magpie chicks that came in two by two, after trees had been felled, leaving the chicks homeless. All feeding and growing well, but all this hand feeding is very time consuming. The staff are doing a great job and the youngsters are all looking good.

P1100005 - Copy

Those of you who live in the Greenock area might like to go into the Yorkshire Building Society Office, in West Blackhall St, between 9th and 20th May, and vote for Hessilhead to get a donation.


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