For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



6th January 2018

Of course we have been working all over the holidays, but we’ve been lucky as there weren’t too many new patients coming into care each day. Till yesterday, and it was back to normal. A couple of feral pigeons were delivered in the morning, then a kestrel was brought in by one of our couriers from East Kilbride. The bird had flown into an office building, and was very weak and underweight. We collected an adult otter from the ferry at Wemyss bay. She was found late the night before, in Rothesay, and was taken in by the local vet. We assumed she had been hit by a car. When we collected her she was unconscious, and more than 24 hours later she is still deeply unconscious, but takes rehydration fluid from a syringe, and occasionally moved around the cage. Fingers crossed. A buzzard was delivered later , and Minty the pigeon. If you imagine melting a packet of Fox’s Glacier Mints, and then pouring the goo over a pigeon, you’ll get an idea of Minty’s predicament. We have no idea where he got covered in this sticky minty cordial, but we are having trouble removing it from his feathers. 

Today was a release day. A buzzard was taken away to be released near Muirkirk. It came to us on Christmas Day, wet and very cold, having been found on the radiator grill of a car when it parked in the town. The driver had no idea where he collected his passenger! We just hope it was released close enough to home to find its way back easily. At lunchtime 3 seals were loaded into the van. It a beautiful day at Portencross, perfect for a release. Hartley, Arnold and Bute all seemed perfectly at home in the sea, and soon swam out of the harbour.

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