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28th December 2013

There wasn’t much scope for Christmas holidays this year. The 8 seal pups made sure of that. The good news is that 4 of them are now self feeding, and only two of them are being really difficult. Thanks to staff and volunteers who have given up their time to help with this extra work.

Early yesterday evening we heard that another pup had been battered against rocks at Cairnryan ferry terminal, and was eventually washed up in the car park. It was 10.30 pm before she arrived here. We were expecting another grey seal pup, so it was a surprise to see the cheeky face of a common seal pup staring at us. She had a wound on her head that was bleeding, but still had lots of go about her. She was given fluids and antibiotics, and left to settle down for the night. More good news today. She helps herself to fish from the dog bed that is her temporary pool. Stenna is very much underweight, so will be here for some time.

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