For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



October 21st 2014

We didn’t get many new patients today, and that gave us chance to put all the newsletters in envelopes. So those of you that are members will receive our update soon, and details of sales goods for Christmas.

The two new sparrowhawks are doing well, both eating lots. Tomorrow is a big day for the barn owl. She came into care a week ago, with a dislocated hock. The joint clicked back into place, and has been bandaged till it stabilizes. The bandage comes off tomorrow.

P1050913 - Copy

The cygnet that was rescued from Greenock on Saturday seems destined for a life of adventure. Yesterday it flew from our wildfowl enclosure, but only got as far as the main road two fields from the centre. We rushed to the rescue, as the call came in the teatime rush hour. No more adventures today.

We had a sad delivery last night. A curlew, that looked bright enough while wrapped in a blanket, had a completely severed wing. It had flown into power wires, and obviously was put to sleep immediately.

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