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November 24th 2014

I had a few days away last week. I suppose some might think it was a busman’s holiday. We visited the Donna Nook seal colony in Lincolnshire. We saw hundreds of seal pups, and especially enjoyed watching the interaction between cows and their pups. For such large clumsy looking creatures when on land, they were very gentle and caring.P1060177 - Copy

We were back to take over for the weekend. Three owls were brought into care. the first tawny owl came from Alloway, found in the middle of the road. It is battered and bruised, but hopefully will make a full recovery. Next came a tawny owl from the Barrhead Dams. Found tangled in fishing line, hanging from a tree, and dangling in the water. Luckily someone spotted it and went to the rescue.

A barn owl from Langholm wasn’t so lucky. The bad humerus fracture was a few days old, and very close to the shoulder joint. The vet said there was nothing he could do.

Earlier today we had a visit from STV Glasgow. Squeaky the otter cub was the attraction, and she stole hearts and performed well. She is feeding herself now, though can be a bit fussy and about what she eats when.

This evening we collected a bat from Auchenlodment school in Johnstone. It has been flying around the classrooms earlier, but we found it hiding in the blinds. Seems ok, so it will be released on the first mild night.P1060210 - Copy

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