For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



30th November 2014

I thought I’d remind you that sponsoring one of our patients makes a good Christmas present for friends or family. Sponsors will receive a photo and report about their patient, plus the Hessilhead newsletters for the year. Find out more by clicking ‘How to Help’, and then sponsor a patient.

Whitley, seen below, is up for sponsoring.

P1060295 - Copy

New patients include 2 buzzards. One came from Holytown a few days ago. It is a good strong bird, but still suffering from concussion and an eye problem, and has to be hand fed. The other buzzard came yesterday, picked up in field where it had been for several days. It has a nasty wound on its wing, that would have prevented it flying. It is underweight, but intends to put that right soon. it hardly stops eating.

A new barn owl was rescued off the road by a lorry driver. It is concussed, and with an eye injury too.

A jackdaw that found its way into a classroom at Pennyburn primary, and then crashed into a window, is looking good and ready to go. We will take it back to Kilwinning, as it probably has a mate there. You nearly always see jackdaws with their mates.

3 more Uist hedgehogs were delivered yesterday. That should be all for this year now. Some of our hedgehogs are a good enough weight for release now. We ┬áneed to find them sheltered gardens with a sleeping box. One hedgehog that won’t be going back to the wild is Baldy. She is eating lots and gaining weight, but isn’t growing spines.P1060247 - Copy

Some of you may have seen Squeaky the Otter Cub make her debut appearance on the Riverside Show. She is getting a bit adventurous, comes out of her cage when she gets the chance, and has a little wander round the hospital. She likes sprats, which are good for her, as she eats the lot, including skin and bones.



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