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March 28th 2015

McDonald the fox cub, who arrived as a newborn,  is doing really well. Today he is peeping from one eye, so both eyes should be wide open tomorrow. He waddles around his brooder and will be needing more space soon. Fox cub No 2 arrived last night. He was found in Paisley, alone. He is a week older than McDonald, but we thought that maybe they could be introduced soon. This evening another Paisley fox cub was delivered, found next door, so clearly a sibling. and confirming that something must have happened to mum. So the two buddies are together now, snuggled up, happy to be reunited. Buddy 1 pictured below

DSC_9758 - Copy

A few weeks ago we rescued a swan from Irvine, that was bleeding heavily from a neck wound. It recovered, the wound healed over, and the bird released. yesterday we had another call about it, but when we went to the harbour, just before dark, it showed no interest in bread and stayed at the back of the flock, out of reach. Blood was clotted thickly on its feathers, and the swan looked miserable. We were very concerned. We were back at high tide today, and relieved to se the swan looking brighter, and cleaner. Still a bit reluctant to come close, eventually hunger took over and it came within reach for a big piece of bread. On Monday it will be x-rayed. We must find out why a wound keeps opening up.

New admissions have included several collared doves, some with poor bones and fractures or rickets. All been treated with calcium and vitamins, and most now self feeding. A new baby blackbird is demanding regular feeds, and the two older ones are waiting for some spring-like weather to move to an aviary. The young tawny moved to an indoor flight today.

Our injured peregrine is getting around the aviary better since having some new feathers imped into his wing. This will let himn strngthen the wing that was injured, and protect new feathers that grow during the moult.

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This week a badger was rescued from Inverkip. She was in very poor condition, emaciated, covered in lice and too weak to walk. Sadly she died while being examined at the vets.


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