For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



june 6th 2015

Some of the patients that are keeping us busy this weekP1070423 - Copy

This young roe deer is very independent. he drinks milk from a bowl and eats lots of lime and raspberry leaves.

P1070399 - Copy

It is crow week. Lots of fledgling crows and rooks coming into care. Some of them were blown from trees during stormy weatherP1070420 - CopyTwo kestrel chicks were found on the ground in Greenock. Self feeding now and quite bad tempered.

P1070354 - Copy

Two late fox cubs in the hospital. One of them was found with a Quavers packet on its head!

P1070386 - Copy

Lots of ducklings. The oldest soon to be released, and some day olds arrived today.

P1070391 - Copy

Still two seals in care. Both feeding well and gaining weight, so should be back in the sea soon.

P1070363 - Copy

The first young gull chicks are here. No doubt there will be lots more to come.P1070328 - Copy

We have two swan families in care. This single mum has 7 cygnets, and we have a pair of swans from Oldlpatrick with their young. Also 5 more cygnets.

tawny owl chicks - CopyPlenty tawny owls in care.

P1070355 - Copy

P1070392 - Copy

Fergus the fox and Baldy the hedgehog are looking forward to our Open Day next Sunday, 14th June, from 12 till 4. Hope to see you there.


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