For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



January 4th 2017

There have been a lot of fox incidents in the past few weeks. In November the Hunt Saboteurs brought us a fox that had just been killed by Fox Hounds. Soon after that we rescued a fox from a snare on a shooting estate. That fox was lucky; he had only minor injuries and was released in ┬ásafer location when recovered. In December we launched a joint fundraising appeal with Onekind, to help protect foxes from hunting and snaring, and to help us to care for injured adult foxes and orphaned cubs. The response to this appeal has been amazing, proof that the fox is a popular animal with lots of fans. A week before Christmas a fox came to us in mysterious circumstances. Apparently it was found, in a cage, with a bowl of water, in the garden of a house in Dumfries. The home owner said the whole lot appeared overnight! This fox seems to be tame, perhaps an unwanted pet, and is likely to become a Hessilhead resident. He has an unusual half folded ear. Last week we treated a fox that was trapped in a fence. He has been released, and today another casualty was brought from Glasgow. Today’s fox was lying in Pollok Park, his front legs dangling in the pond, and he made no attempt to escape when the rangers approached him. He doesn’t have any fractures, but is still quite subdued.


Nicholas, the tame fox


Fox rescued from Pollok Park today

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