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9th March 2017

We didn’t expect another badger to be delivered on Sunday evening. That makes 3 adult badgers in the hospital this week, and they have required a lot of attention.

The Lockerbie badger is eating well now and will move outsdie soon. The Dumfries badger starting eating last night and his wounds seem to be healing well. The little female badger from Eaglesham is still quite lethargic. She likes food from a syringe but hasn’t eaten from a bowl yet. No doubt she will.

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The swan from Kilbirnie Loch had an operation on Monday to remove the 2 treble hooks from its throat. He is still bad-tempered and throws a tantrum when its time for antibiotics. Hopefully he will soon be back with his mate.

P1120364 - Copy

Today’s patients include a tawny owl that fell down a chimney. It is quite sooty and has a lot of gravelly bits stuck to its tail and flight feathers. It is a skinny bird with a brood patch, so may have been nesting in the chimney. A swan was rescued from between lock gates in Glasgow. A piar of territorial swans had him pinned against the lock gate, water pouring over him.

Last night’s day old rabbit is doing well so far. It had been dug up by a dog, ┬áhas a toe missing and a swollen leg. Seems to like his bottle.

The leveret is feeding better now, and eating lots of dandelions. Still very nervous though.

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