For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



16th January 2018

Two interesting things happened at the weekend. The first was getting a call from a farmer, about a fox that was living in the poly tunnel where he will lamb his sheep, and where two micro pigs were living. The farmer had shut the fox in the pig ark, and asked if we would collect her. Off we went to meet a lovely farming couple, who were most concerned that nothing nasty should happen to this fox. We could see where she had been entering and exiting the tunnel recently, and remarkably she hadn’t touched the various free range poultry. It was a bit tricky getting the fox from the ark, with a no longer micro pig slumbering in the hay beside the entrance. We got her safely boxed, agreed that it wasn’t a good place for her to be living and promised to relocate her. She is a confident fox, probably used to being fed by people living in the houses not too far from the farm. Apparently someone had called the farmer that morning, saying he heard they had a problem fox, and that he would deal with it. ‘No way’ said the farmer, Hessilhead are on the way.

The second incident occurred on Sunday afternoon. I took a call from Maybole Police Office, which at first didn’t seem unusual, as the police often call us asking for help with a wildlife casualty. I thought it a bit strange when they asked if I was Mrs Christie, and then asked if I’d like to explain what I was doing in Minishant the previous evening. I could see where this was going! The previous evening Andy and I had met a couple from Stranraer, who had found an injured badger on the road. They very kindly offered to bring the casualty more than half way to Hessilhead. So on Saturday evening we were seen transferring a badger, in a dog cage, from one car to another. Someone must have thought that suspicious, and reported it to the police. When the police were given a description of Andy and I they recognized us, but quite rightly called to check it out. Good news that the public are aware of badger baiting and the threat to badgers. Sadly the badger was badly injured, had a broken back and was PTS.

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