For over 25 years Hessilhead has cared for Scotland's injured and orphaned wildlife, aiming to rescue, treat, rehabilitate and release birds and animals back to the wild



August 26th 2013

Another eventful weekend!

Yesterday  24 people attended our First Aid for Wildlife training day, so more people are now able to help injured and orphaned wildlife. It is often the treatment that a bird or animal receives when first rescued, that makes a difference to its chances of returning to the wild. The dates of more training days will be announced shortly.

We were surprised to hear that an injured jay had been found on Bute. One of our couriers collected it from the ferry. It has an injured shoulder and is receiving treatment. Quite a nervous bird, bordering on hysterical.

100_2990 - Copy

The first young sparrowhawk of the year was brought in on Saturday, a beautiful young female that had crashed into a window. Looking good, hopefully soon be back in the wild. Yesterday a tawny owl was found in an empty house. When the owners tried to shoo the bird out of the door, it hit a window and fell to the floor unconscious. Fortunately soon recovered and was released last night.

It was disappointing to hear that a young hedgehog had been found in a rat trap. The trap should have been screwed to a floor or heavy board, but this hadn’t been done. The hedgehog had dragged the trap into a garden, where it was rescued.

Moorhens and the first two hand reared tawny owls have been released. Also lots more swallows and house martins, and late season dunnocks and robins.

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