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23rd February 2014

While Andy and I were away it wasn’t really busy, and it was much the same for most of this week.A few patients trickled in every day; some were released quite quickly, and others need longer in care. The most unusual casualty is a heron that has droopy wings. He has been treated with antibiotics and pain relief, and is now exercising in an aviary. As far as we can tell in the limited space, he seems to fly ok, but we like to see him tucking up his wings before we release him.

P1020556 - Copy

On Friday a barn owl was brought into care. It was obvious straightaway, from the smell, that this bird had been bathing in diesel. We have covered the feathers with talc, as this will absorb some of the oil, and given antibiotics too. Although the skin was inflamed at first, this has improved now, and soon we will give the owl a bath. We are not looking forward to doing this. Owls are not the best candidates for a thorough scrub!

P1020577 - Copy

2 fulmars came into care in two days. Both a bit underweight but both started eating as soon as food was offered. Hopefully they will soon be out in the wild.

P1020574 - Copy

Today the first Uist hedgehogs of the year were flown into Glasgow airport. No doubt the first of many. A very small, underweight roe doe was brought in from Lochwinnoch. Sadly she didn’t survive.

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