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24th February 2014

Last night we thought we had finished for the day when a call came about a seal pup at Portencross. We were grateful to the family who found the pup for staying with it till we arrived. It was well above high water mark, a sure indication that the pup needed help. It is an underweight common seal, that is probably suffering from various parasite infections. On treatment now, so fingers crossed.

Today was scheduled to be busy, with two seals due to be released, and the event to be televised for Channel 4, we’ll let you know the date as soon as we have it. Turner and Silver were up to weight, and as well being pleased that they were ready to return to the wild, we were pleased that our fish bill would be reduced. The two seals were in boxes and ready to be loaded into the van, when we got a call about a deer that needed help in Stevenston. While on the way to the coast with the seals, we got another call about yet another seal pup at saltcoats. Well, at least it was all happening in the same direction!. The seals went off with a bit of splash, and soon headed out along the coast. So good to see. Then one vehicle headed off for the deer, the other for the seal pup. It is another common seal, and although two seals have gone, two more have come to replace them! So we will still be spending £100+ a day for fish.

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               P1020604 - Copy


The deer was apparently attacked by a dog, and is looking quite shocked this evening. It must be a terrifying experience. As if that wasn’t enough for one day, 2 magpies and a hedgehog were also rescued. The magpies are the losers in territorial squabbles, and the hedgehog was soaking wet and very cold. Perhaps it was washed out of a nest during the rainy night.

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