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6th march 2014

We are all wondering when this rain is going to stop!

We did manage to release a buzzard and a peregrine during a dry spell last weekend, but since then the weather has been miserable.

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On Monday we had another call from British Divers Marine Life Rescue at Northumberland, asking if we could take another grey seal pup. The pup looked very poorly when it arrived later that day. It was motionless, and remained so for nearly two days. We have treated it with steroids for bruising and concussion, and of course it has been wormed and had antibiotics too. Now it is being hand fed and is slowly responding to treatment. It has a long way to go yet.

On Tuesday morning we had a call from Hayley, the Windows on Wildlife Ranger at Castle Semple Loch. She had spotted a greylag goose with a plastic multipack yoke round its neck. It took several people to round up the goose flock, and two loaves of bread to tempt the goose cloe enough to net. Then success, hayley netted the goose, and the plastic yoke was removed, This is a reminder that litter should be disposed of sensibly. The plastic should have been cut before putting in the recycling bin. No harm done this time, but things could have turned out differently. Later in the day Hayley rescued a swan with a badly cut foot. It was treated by our vet on Wednesday. It needs dressing changed every day, and must be the most bad-tempered mute swan we have ever treated. Hope it soon heals up.

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On Wednesday evening we got a call to report a fox lying on a doormat, outside an attic flat on Gourock. The owner of the flat couldn’t get to his front door. Karen, our Greenock volunteer managed to box the fox, and we collected it from her later. He is a heavy handsome fox in good condition, but concussed. Hopefully he will soon be back in Gourock.

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Today was unbelievably wet! This evening people arrived at the hospital door with a badger in a cardboard box. It is feeling pretty sorry for itself. After being hit by a car the badger landed upside down in a ditch. It is warm and cosy now, and has been treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. There is a nasty wound on the head, and her breathing is a bit rattly. Fingers crossed.

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