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March 16th 2014

I returned from a few days away on Friday, only to discover that a young common seal had been brought in from Greenock. It is underweight, with parasites. Yesterday was quiet for a Saturday, till it was almost dark, then came a call about another seal pup. This one was at Stevenston, and the callers said they would stay till we arrived. On arrival, these people told us that foxes had been coming to sniff the seal. We thought this a bit odd, but as soon as we’d loaded to pup into the van, a fox appeared on the beach. It appeared to be quite puzzled, sniffing around where the seal had been, and was of course unable to find a trail, as we’d carried the pup away in a travelling box. The fox kept returning to the spot where the pup lay, apparently wondering what had happened to supper! Perhaps Stevie had a lucky escape, and maybe all the pups with bites have not been attacked by dogs. Maybe sometimes foxes are to blame.

Stevie, although very small, is doing well now.

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